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Voucher for a location independent flight.
These coupons are particularly suitable, if not yet to be determined where the flight takes place. A longer flight time or more passengers may at any time be booked.

Call for free ☎ 0800 0700 130 Int. +49 (0)9181 522 99 60 because personal advice is important.

Helicopter trial flight
Hubschrauber selber fliegen Deutschland

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Price on request

Specialprice 30 min. Helicopter sightseeing flight
Geschenkgutschein Aktion

Top Offer

from 238.00 *

15 min. flight
15 Min. Hubschrauberrundflug Deutschland
from 149.00 *

30 min. flight
30 Min. Hubschrauber Rundflug Gutschein Deutschland

Top Offer

from 260.00 *

20 min. flight
20 Min. Hubschrauberrundflug Deutschland
from 189.00 *

value voucher
from 50.00 *

Video about helicopter flights

Video about helicopter flights