helicopter sightseeing flight Kempten Leutkirch

Hubschrauber Kempten Leutkirch
Kempten Leutkirch
Flugplatz 16
88299 Leutkirch im Allgäu

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Helicopters: Ecureuil AS350

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The Allgäu calls - and Leutkirch is caught in the middle. In a extensive level the small dreamy airfield is located. This place is an excellent starting point for flights over the beautiful Allgäu countryside, but also for flying over the Alps, Lake Constance region, or the Bavarian and Württemberg royal castles.

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Specialprice 30 min. Helicopter tour flight

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from 238.00 *

20 min. Illertal flight
from 189.00 *

30 min. Lindau at the Lake Constance
from 260.00 *

45 min. Neuschwanstein Castle

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from 359.00 *

60 Min. Allgäuer Alps
from 479.00 *

90 min. Alpine lakes & royal palaces
from 695.00 *

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from 100.00 *

60 min. Individual sightseeing flight exclusively
Price on request

Experience with us Live - Kempten from above at a helicopter flight.

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