helicopter sightseeing flight Erfurt Sömmerda-Dermsdorf

Hubschrauberrundflug Erfurt Sömmerda-Dermsdorf

Erfurt Sömmerda-Dermsdorf
Am Flugplatz Sömmerda
99625 Kölleda

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See the local sights from above. Enjoy a helicopter flight at the Erfurt Sömmerda-Dermsdorf Area. The route will be discussed directly with the pilot and depends on the wishes of the passengers, the weather and of course the flight safety. Flight if possible to the local attractions.



20 min. scenic flight
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30 min. scenic flight

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Helicopter flying itself - R44

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Helicopter pilot for a day
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marriage proposal / wedding flight
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Business flights / company events
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When do you make a helicopter flight from Erfurt?

Experience with us Live - Germany from above in a helicopter flight. Book now here!

The aerodrome Erfurt Sömmerda (ICAO location indicator: EDPS), also known as airfield Sömmerda-Dermsdorf is an airfield in Sömmerda, which is operated by the Flight Service Sömmerda GmbH. It lies within the boundaries of the municipality Dermsdorf.More Infos http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flugplatz_Erfurt-Sömmerda

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